Molding Capabilities
  We have twelve Injection Molding machines ranging in size from 30 to 350 tons. Our shot size ranges from 1 ounce to 35 ounces. We run simple shapes to the most complex with hot runners, core-pulls and controlled injection. We can run large orders or short ones on our three shift 5 days a week schedule.  
  Tooling Capabilities
  We have a modern CNC Machine equipped tool room to make molds and other machining projects. We can build aluminum short run prototype molds to hardened tool steel multi-cavity high production molds. We use both MUD (Master Unit Die) type molds for small parts and stand alone DME TM style mold bases depending on the customer's requirements. We have experience building hot runner molds for high volume applications, molds with hand load inserts, slides, three plate molds, stripper plates, internal and external lifters, hydraulic core pull, and unscrewing molds. We have also built several highly polished molds for clear parts.